Shaver Lake, August 12, 2023 






This presentation was created for the Museum of the Sierra  as part of its Voices of The Sierra Presentations. Its goal is to find the voices of Lena and CB Shaver and to explore their lives and actions in the broader context of the Shaver Community.

This presentation is designed as a living document:

1) It’s was introduced to a live and a zoom audience.

2) It is a web site that lives, will be maintained and is readily available. 

3) It will change with corrections and new information and inspiration.

4) Its embedded Blog will allow for discussion and contact between its readers. That will assist us in making corrections and gathering new, insightful information as well as fostering the understanding and insights of the Shaver Community and the World.

Think of this website as a tall

and majestic Sugar Pine and the

trunk as the Shaver Family. As 

you climb the tree, each branch

that you touch is a new member

adding it’s power and meanings

to the family. If you chose to 

stay close to the trunk you will

complete the arc of Lena and 

C.B. lives quickly. If you follow

the branches, you will 

discover the back stories of

those who become family

members. In the first part of 

 the Shaver Family Story, you 

will also have the option of leaping 

to the roots of Lena and C.B.’s 


The Smiths

The Hemphills

The Rudes

The Maupins

The McDonalds

The Hoovers

The Craycrofts

The Swifts

The Shavers

The Roberts

The Danforths

The Palatines

The Shaver Community, 1884 

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The Frogs will leap back to the beginning or take you a chapter.

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1) The Shavers

2) The Roberts

3) CB 

4) The Craycrofts

5) The Hoovers

6) The McDonalds

7) The Swifts

8) The Danforths

9) The Range of Light

10) The Resources

11) Navigation

12) The Rudes

There will be many 

surprising links

The Shaver Community, 1890 

Shaver Lake, August 12, 2023

To N.B Swett

the Grandfather

who taught me 

how to fish and so

much more.